Songs to celebrate the gifts of creation, diversity and community

Mary-Ellen (M.E.) Kish has been involved in music since early childhood -- singing, playing various instruments, and writing songs. She was raised in the United Church of Canada and music always played an important part of church and other aspects of her life. M.E. studied piano and voice with the Royal Conservatory of Music and also took music in her undergraduate degree. She has sung in a number of choirs and as a teacher, led choirs and taught music in elementary school settings.

Many of M.E.’s songs are sung in churches and at events throughout Canada and beyond. Some of M.E.’s songs can be found on the United Church of Canada website and the song ‘With Open Hearts’ is in the Hymn Society’s online publication ‘Songs for the Holy Other’.

M.E. has been supported in her music leadership and composition by her partner Gwen Chapman. M.E. and Gwen met at Bloor St. United Church in Toronto in 1987 and have been partners in music and life ever since. They lived in Vancouver for 26 years and in 2016 moved back to Ontario. They live in Guelph. Gwen also has extensive music training and experience, including receiving her ARCT in piano and significant choral experience.

Over the years, M.E. and Gwen have been blending their voices and providing music leadership in a variety of United Church and ecumenical settings.

Absolutely Wonderful. Very talented people composing and singing awesome music.